D.C. Open Government Action Plan -- Appendix B

These recommendations are the product of the work of several hardworking people representing a cross-section of the city.  In addition to DCOGC board members, we are pleased to recognize individuals from inside and outside government, with professional and personal interests ranging from transparency to technology to journalism to community engagement and beyond. 

The D.C. Open Government Coalition wishes to thank all those who participated in the development of this Action Plan:

DCOGC board members

Kevin M. Goldberg, President
Corinna Zarek, Vice President
Fritz Mulhauser, Secretary
William Choyke, Treasurer
Robert Becker
Chad Bowman
Robert Vinson Brannum
James A. McLaughlin
Kathy Patterson
Thomas Susman
John C. Watson

Geralda Jean, Executive Director


Martin Austermuhle
Lalita Clozel
Matthew Fraidin
David P. Frankel
Alisha Green
Emily Grannis
Justin Grimes
Traci Hughes
Laurenellen McCann
Kel McClanahan
Andrew Mirsky
Matthew Pollack
Matt Rumsey
Matthew Schafer
Ewan Simpson
Rebecca Snyder
Josh Tauberer
Adam Tope
Sean Vitka
Rebecca Williams
David Zvenyach

Special thanks to the law firm of Ropes and Gray LLP, which provides pro bono legal counsel to the DCOGC, with special appreciation to attorneys Molly Moore and David Nasse and paralegal Daisy Joo.