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WASHINGTON, March 16 (UPI) -- The White House Office of Administration on Monday announced it's deleting regulations subjecting it to the Freedom of Information Act seven years after a federal judg
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The District of Columbia government is in the process of responding to a congressional investigation into the enactment and implementation of the voter-passed marijuana legalization initiative.
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WASHINGTON (AP) - The District of Columbia receives nearly 1.3 million 911 calls a year, and city officials insist that audio from those calls is public information. Yet the public rarely gets a chance to hear them.
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The District government is spending $350,000 to hold court at a...
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UPDATED 6-7-15  The Open Government Coalition has notified the D.C. government that the published FOIA report descried below is incorrect.
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A member of the D.C. Council wants to ensure for-profit charter management companies are accountable to taxpayers.
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Can open records laws be used to access all of the e-mails sent by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state? A new court ruling this week suggests: probably not.
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The D.C. Metro transit system is in the news, of course, as it recovers from a recent accident and rebuilds an aging rail system.
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The News4 I-Team used the D.C.
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Thursday, March 19 4pm Gelman Library, Room 702
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D.C. crews hit the roads to prepare for almost a foot of snowfall Monday afternoon.
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