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Will police body-cam video be available under public records requests?

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Sunlight Foundation National Policy Manager Emily Shaw in a 12/5/14

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Mayor Vincent Gray in late October established (by Order 2014-250) an advisory grou

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Has the federal “FOIA Help Desk” (otherwise known as the Office of Government Information Services or OGIS) improved that process in its five years of life?

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Advocates told Washington Post readers in forceful terms this morning (October 7) that open government mandates work and should be expanded.  Sunlight Foundation's Bill Allison and Ce

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DC FOIA helped City Paper's "Loose Lips" columnist, WIll Sommer,

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Coders outside government have already offered the public an updated version of part of the new D.C. FOIAXpress web portal, launched just days ago.

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Washington’s “advisory neighborhood commissioners,” just under 300 elected officials who provide community input into government deci

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Visitors to the 2014 American Film Institute documentary festival this month could see two engrossing films bookending two eras in advocacy against government secrecy--1970s and this decade.  In "1971" the filmmakers portrayed anti-war activists who entered the FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, and took records of the FBI surveillance and counterintelligence projects designed at the direction of Direcor J.

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In a second editorial June 26 headlined, "D.C.

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In a report issued December 31, the Office of Open Government provided recommendations of best practices on open records and open meetings for the coming year. Some of those recommendations include establishing an open data and transparency policy, adding authority for the Office to handle FOIA appeals and for enforcing Open Meetings Act compliance through the employee Code of Conduct, bringing ANCs under the Open Meetings Act and expanding FOIA services to include mediation to resolve disputes between D.C. agencies and FOIA requesters.

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Trying to find a meeting of any D.C. public body?  The D.C. office responsible for the law on open meetings launched a new website in January that includes notices of upcoming meetings from more than 100 boards, commissions and other groups that are part of D.C. government.  Meeting notices are required by the law but have not been conveniently collected in a single place until the Office of Open Government pulled them together. Some listings also include meeting agendas.  Find the meeting list here.

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A Texas appellate court will decide whether a county commissioner's emails discussing government business on his private account should be released to the public. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press filed a brief April 30 supporting the lower court's position that messages concerning government business are public, no matter where they originate. The D.C. Open Government Coalition asserted the same position in a 2012 lawsuit against the Council of the District of Columbia and reached an agreement that such messages are public.

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