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A showdown between the mayor of the District of Columbia and the first-ever elected attorney general has been averted for now.

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Cybersecurity legislation advancing in Congress could create the first brand-new exemption to the Freedom of Information Act in nearly half a century—a prospect that alarms transparency advocates a

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EQUIPPING POLICE officers with body cameras can be a powerful tool in building trust between citizens and law enforcement.

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WASHINGTON -- After this month's

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WASHINGTON - One day after announcing

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UPDATED 4/18/15  At week's end, the Washington Post revealed it, too, had been seeking body-cam videos under the DC Freedom of

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What does WMATA need? Just more money, and otherwise everything is okay? Major cuts, abandoning hope of eight-car trains and fixing the Blue Line in this generation?

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Federal district judges in Washington are the gatekeepers of government records in high demand. The CIA torture report. Prosecution memos about multibillion-dollar deals with big banks.

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A computer system used to dispatch D.C.

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The Office of the State Superintendent of Education notified parents this week that personal information about students was inadvertently sent to a reporter in February, education officials said.

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But they won’t succeed through subpoenas.

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